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After taking a break, we at Ficlov have decided to bring in new people and have a shot at doing this properly. In the beggining it was just me, JRD, writing for you guys but now, with our newly created team, we have decided to bring in new writers to expand our page. If you're a blogger and are open to do a guest review, that's great! If you want to write for us regularly, that's also fantastic!

We offer two options for people who want to join Ficlov (not guest writers):

Collaborator: If you'd like to write for us every so often, without a commitment or deadlines, that's absolutely fine. This means that you can write reviews and send them to us. If they meet our criteria, we'll publish them and send you a virtual hug, but that's where the relationhip ends (obviously we'll have your name on the article).

Writer: This position is much more immersive in the blog. In this position, you will be expected to write a review every ten to fifteen days. We will make sure it meets the criteria, and it will be published. Unlike the collaborators, you will be considered part of the team and will have an active participation in the blog, helping us decide which direction it takes.

If you are a blogger and would like to become a guest writer, we'd be happy to discuss a mutually beneficial arrangement in which we can help each other out, because we're sure everyone could use some help to gain some exposure.

The contact email is: ficlov@gmail.com . We're happy to be back and we look forward to hearing from you guys :)

Happy reading,

The Ficlov Team

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