Sunday, 7 October 2012

School reading? Really? GTFO.

Before I start, I want to get things straight. This is not a review, it's a rant. Okay then, now I've got that out of the way I'm going to start.

Last week my English class got an assignment which consisted in reading a book and then doing a PowerPoint presentation on it. (Themes, genre, storyline, all the usual kind of stuff).  So there I am, mentally high-fiving myself while my barely literate classmates groan in despair, making brilliant comments such as "No, but really, what's the point of reading?" No joke. One of them actually said that.

So while I was staring at him incredulously, waiting for him to realize how immensely stupid he is, the teacher started handing out a list of books we're allowed to read. Again, shocking. How o you expect youngsters to take up reading when you force them to read books like 1984, by George Orwell? I mean, no offense, I'm sure he was a great guy and all, but that book? *YAWN*

I really can't understand how these teachers' minds work. They think that by making us read the most boring books on earth we'll suddenly become interested in reading. Honestly. When I suggested thy add The Great Gatsby to the list, she just laughed and said it wasn't the type of books she wanted us to read. Is it me or did she just diss Gatsby? Hold me back, someone. It's accepted as one of the most well-written and influential literary pieces of the age, and yet she doesn't want us to read it. Idiot.

I don't get school reading. I mean, whoever likes reading is just going to get bores, and whoever doesn't isn't going to read it and is just going to look up the summary online. It's lose-lose. I can't decide if they make us do this because they think we're weirdos that actually enjoy these books or because they haven't read anything that's been written in the 21st century. Since my strict moral reader's code prevents me from looking for book summaries, I'm going to have to read it. It's going to be slow and excrutiatingly painful. I can feel it in my bones.

Anyway, I'm sure you've got better things to do than to keep listening (reading?) to me rambling on about how much school reading irritates me, so I'm going to stop now. I hope all you people who don't have school reading know how lucky you are. I envy you. Go and read something good for me, will ya?

Happy reading,


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  1. YES TO ALL OF THIS. I think the worst thing about reading for school is the fact that yeah, there are a whole bunch of kids who don't see the point in reading or they think reading is stupid or whatever. And THESE ARE STRAIGHT A STUDENTS IN AN HONORS ENGLISH CLASS. I DON'T UNDERSTAND. It's ridiculous how many kids get such good grades without even bothering to read the book.

    But yeah, teachers suck. I mean, I've had a few good teachers assign a few good books (even *gasp* some stuff written in the last ten years!) but for the most part, school reading is just painful and boring and stupid and pointless. Forcing kids to read the most boring books ever is not going to make them become readers. Teachers need to assign stuff that is interesting and fun and actually entertaining.